News Report Reflection

I could have done more work on my part of the news report. I don’t think I used my time very wisely. Next time I could use my time more wisely and do more work. Anton, Tom.G, Isaac and Umi were in my group. I wasn’t that proud Of my work because it wasn’t very good. I enjoyed making the video because it was funny when somebody messed up their line.

Mission Day.

1. What did you enjoy about Mission Day?

We made lots of money for Vietnam, We had fun making the food for our store, and that we didn’t buy too much stuff for our store.

2. What made your group successful?/ What are you proud of?

Teamwork and being organised with all the food made us successful. I’m proud that we sold everything.

3. What would you do different next time? What could you improve on?

We could improve on giving the write change, serving the food faster and not messing around.

4. Why is mission day important?

To raise money for Vietnam or a charity.

5. What suggestions do you have for next time?

Maybe next time we could have some rides and more hot food instead of junk/lollies.

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths Writing

“This is my new house” i said to Josh. “But it’s a tree…” Said Josh. “Yeah, it is a tree but we can build.” “Wait WE!??! “Yeah” I said. “Hmmm, fine.” Said Josh. “Ok we will start tomorrow!!” I said excitedly 
The next day we got started on the tree house. We built one floor in about 2 hours, it was the bedroom, then we built a pool on the top of the tree. “Hey Josh, wanna sleep here tonight?” “Ummm… Sure.” Said Josh. So we slept there for the night but as we were asleep the pool started leaking. We woke up to the sound of a massive SPLASH!! We were soaked! “What the hell!” Josh shouted at me. “I guess we shouldn’t build a pool.” “I’m done!! I never like this idea anyway!” Then Josh left me. I was sad, but I really wanted to build a tree house so I just started to build again. 
I had been building for about 3 weeks and I had done quite a bit. I had 10 rooms: Bowling Alley Room, Gun Room, Basketball Room, Bedroom, Toilet Room, Bouncy Room, Video Game Room, T.V Room and finally a room filled with food. I wanted to test out all these rooms but I didn’t have any friends to test it with me, so I called Josh. In about 10 mins he was here at the tree house and he looked very impressed. “You did all this by yourself!” “Yeah, it took ages.” I said. “Do you want to sleep here tonight, there is no pool.” I said to Josh. “Ok.” He said. 
The next day we woke up and there was nothing wrong we slept fine. Josh said he wanted to build more of the tree house with me. So we started to build a Roller Coaster going around the massive tree. It took us aaaaagggggeeeeesss to finish it, but when we did it was awesome! So we just continued from there every day until we had everything we ever wanted, and we lived there until we were 20 then we moved out into a real house. The house I bought was MASSIVE because we had a money tree in the tree house. It was awesome.
So I guess this is goodbye. BBBBBYYYYYYYYEEEEEE.

Seed- Glow stick Xylophone

Feel- I feel like this is really cool.

Think- I think this is really cool. I think people should try this. I think people should look this up on the internet and look at some of the photos.

Wonder- I wonder if this always works. I wonder how the Glow Sticks make an aura coming out of the cup.

Unpack- I can write a recount about me doing this.

Writing Challenge

“RUN!” everyone screamed? “THE DINOSAUR ROBOT IS COMING!!” Everybody is running for their life, there is a massive cyborg dinosaur destroying the city. I can hear loud stomps, buildings falling, sirens going and people screaming and crying. The vibration of the dinosaurs stomp makes evryone jump.

I run for my car and get in, I drive to my friend Josh’s house because he is very smart and I know he will have a plan. “Josh are you home?” “Yeah, is that you Tommy?” Said josh. “Yeah, its me. There’s a giant cyborg dinosaur destroying the city!! Do you have any ideas?” “Just follow me, hurry!!” Said Josh.

We got to the city, almost everything was destroyed and the dinosaur was still alive. “Go hide somewhere safe.” Said Josh. Around 10mins later Josh comes in his chopper, then he tips water over the dinosaur, the splash of the water made me feel happy but really cold. “Josh you did it!” “The dinosaur has self destructed because it was a cyborg, nice thinking!” “Thanks! But the dinosaur is going to explode now!” BOOM!! CRASH! BANG!!

Snapshot- Rock Concert

There are people jumping around and dancing, I can smell sweat from the people dancing. The music is super loud my ears are starting to hurt. I can feel the vibration of the people jumping on the ground. There is sweat dripping off peoples necks. I can taste the salty hot chips I got from the snack bar. I feel like this is the best day of my life.