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Author Response- R.L Stine

*Robert Lawrence Stine* 

Born- October 8, 1943. (Age 72) Columbus, Ohio, United States.

R.L Stines books are read all over the world. So far, he has sold over 350 million books, making him one of the best-selling children’s authors in history. He has written over 300 books. According to Forbes List of the 40 best-paid Entertainers of 1996–97, Stine placed 36th with an income of $41 million for the year. In three consecutive years during the 1990s, USA Today named Stine as America’s number one best-selling author.

Here is his signature.

R. L. Stine



Minecrafting Parks Response

I never knew that minecraft was helpful to build stuff in real life. I always thought that minecraft was just a game.




Poverty Campaign Response

I think the poverty campaign is a good way to have empathy for the people in poverty because you only get $10 to spend on food for the week. People in poverty would probably get less than $10 to spend on food.                           



100 Word Challenge.

Knock, Knock. Knock, Knock. I hear on the door. I decide to ignore it and go to bed. Knock, Knock goes the door again so I go open the door, and then behind the door I see a man with a white mask running away. I try to go back to sleep but I can’t, everytime I hear a noise I think of the guy. The next day I wake up and all the furniture is gone. I don’t know what happened and I never will…

Text To Self- UNICEF

It does not relate to anything in my life. This video makes me feel bad for the kids that are not as lucky as us. It makes me feel happy that people are helping  them. It makes me want to help the kids too because they are unlucky. I think it’s really unfair that some kids have to fight in war because They could get shot and die when they are really young and that would be really bad. I’m also really glad that UNICEF are doing a good job keeping all those kids healthy and happy. This makes me hope that all those kids are ok now. I feel really lucky because I can always get clean drinking water, I have a big home to live in, I can go to school and have fresh food to eat. I feel sorry for the families that have kids that have to go to war and the families that have kids that are sick, dying or have already died in war. I hope that one day all those people will live a better life and have a safer life and have enough food and clean water.

Text To World- UNICEF

This video relates to the real world because there are people with no food or water and have family members that have to go to war. But in the real world people are helping all those people. I know that most of those kids in the video are more happy now because UNICEF have helped them a lot and given them fresh water. Compared or our life they are very unlucky because they have wars and we don’t. We all have a lot of fresh food and they don’t have much. I know that lots of people in poor countries might get sick because their water is dirty and could have bacteria in it. I know that most wars  are over land and religion. I think that war should stop so all those kids won’t have to go to war. I think that UNICEF should be noticed more because they are really good people. I hope that one day all this bad stuff that is happening will stop because innocent kids younger than us are dying.

Text To Text- UNICEF And Heal The World

Some things that are the same about these two videos are that both of these videos are about making the world a better place and helping kid’s that aren’t that lucky. But Heal The World is more about stopping war and making peace and the UNICEF clip is about is more about helping children. The UNICEF video isn’t a song and Heal The World is a song, the UNICEF clip is talking about the stuff they do, but Heal The World is singing. Something that is the same about these is that they are both videos. The Heal The World song is about freedom and UNICEF is more about helping kids and the poor. The Heal The World is more peaceful because there is singing in the whole video and the UNICEF video is telling you about what they do. Both videos are based on helping the world be a better place and helping unlucky people in the world.


Francesco Nazzarino Paolo Busuttil was born on the 31st of December, 1934 to Giovanni and Giusippa at St Paul’s Bay, Malta. He is my grandfather.

Francesco, also known as Frank, was one of ten children, four of whom died as babies. Frank was the second youngest. When Frank was about five years old, his mother died, which left his oldest sister, Doris, at the age of ten to look after the family, with the help of their Aunty. Doris still lives in the family home today.

All six kids slept in the front room of the family house, they slept on mattresses made of hay – three kids on each mattress. Sometimes Frank would wet the bed at night because he was afraid of the war that was going on – World War 2.

During the war, Frank remembers waking up at night to the air raid siren and having to leave home to go to a bomb shelter. He hated it. Sometimes he had to sleep there at night. The shelters were full of fleas, which would crawl in his ears and he would have flea bites all over him.

Frank said “It was good growing up in Malta, because he didn’t know any better”. The family were poor and often had no food. They had to look in rubbish bins for scraps of food and often went hungry. Frank remembered one time, his Dad had to go to jail for twenty days because he bought a stolen blanket from a soldier.

At the age of twelve, Frank had to leave school to help work in the family’s fields. At the age of 14, he worked in a quarry, picking up rocks by hand and loading them into trucks.

The family were very religious and went to church everyday at 4.00am and then went off to work. The family also said the Rosary every night. Franks remembers his dad hitting his brother Charlie with his belt because he was “mucking around” during prayer.

The family had several animals including: goats, chickens, sheep and a donkey. The animals stayed inside the house because there was  no room outside.

One of Frank’s jobs was collecting the family’s water from in town. When the well was dry in summer, Frank would walk into town with a stick across his shoulders and two buckets to collect the water from the town tap.

Frank eventually left Malta in 1955 and travelled by boat to Australia. Charlie, his brother, was already working and living in Australia. The boat trip took four weeks, Frank was very seasick and rarely left his room that whole time.

Once in Australia Frank had several jobs including: working in the timber yards, glass factory, laying electrical cables and finally working for the city council.

Frank met my grandmother in 1967 through a family friend. They got married in 1969 and had three children together – one is my mum. They also have six grandchildren.



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