My story, Our story


What went well was- Lots of people came to our workshop.

What I can improve on for next time- Being more organised, Presenting in a new way and get more info.

The most interesting thing I learnt from my research was- Australia only let’s in 1 per 1,000 refugees in.

I used my investigation time- Alright, I could’ve got more info.


The presentation was about- What people like Sir Monash have contributed to the Australian way of life.

The most interesting part was- They showed us some people that have done really good stuff and their face is on paper money.

I liked it because- It had lots of information and we got to chose what we wanted to learn about.

Some ideas I might use for next time- Hyper Link, it makes you be able to chose what slide you want to go to so it makes it more interactive.


My Story, Our Story

My surname is Welsh which means it originates from Wales.

My surname’s Coat Of Arms is blue and silver with a lion, that has blood oozing out of its chest. The lion depicted in the arms is the noblest of all beasts, and on that account is the symbol of strength and courage.

My surname’s motto is “My strength comes from heaven.”

My surname means “Son of John.”

The history of the Jones family name and its coat of arms is a couple of centuries old.

It is widely thought that the name Jones has its origins in Christianity from the Biblical name, Johannes (Latin) or John.

The Jones surname is one of the most prolific names in the world.

I made a family tree using:

My Mum’s parents were both born in Malta and both of their parents were born in Malta. My Dad’s parents were both born in Australia and their parents were also. 

My Nan on my Mum’s side came to Australia because her Dad’s sister lived here, however, she doesn’t remember why because she was only 4 years old. My Pa on my Mum’s side came to Australia when he was 20 years old, because there was no work in Malta after the war and there was better opportunity in Australia.


4 thoughts on “My story, Our story

  1. Good job Tyler you got a lot done, Our family crests are kinda the same but my lion has blood coming out of its leg.
    My family also came to Australia because they had a better chance here and she was also 20 years old as well.

  2. Hi Tyler its me TØMM¥ da boss I really like how you have put a lot of infomation and effort into your my story our story.

  3. Hello
    It looks like you have put a lot of info on your blog.
    Have you spent your time wisely I think you did, keep up the good work.

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